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They understood delaying motherhood, to prioritise instructional or occupation pursuits

They understood delaying motherhood, to prioritise instructional or occupation pursuits

For almost all women that terminated their pregnancy, the definition of being pregnant try known as a lack of readiness to possess a young child. Many of the females sensed they might perhaps not allow for their child and you will associated their concept of pregnancy to their public items.

Individual fault

Female were provided with a basic societal fitness definition of unintended pregnancy and you will asked exactly what their view have been about this meaning (CDC 2016). Whenever asked to explain its viewpoint concerning the terms and conditions ‘unintended pregnancy’, sexiest costa rican womens reactions have been profoundly private, each had their own meaning. Seventeen females reported that the word unintended maternity transmitted very negative connotations and, despite the fact that used the term, it was not reflective of its personal skills.

As opposed to characterise brand new maternity because the unintended, most professionals believed it can be greatest characterised due to the fact an excellent state and you may prominent numerous words, also ‘surprise’, ‘unfortunate’, ‘accident’, ‘an oops’, ‘a great mess’, ‘it just happened’, ‘error’, ‘unplanned’, ‘my fault’, ‘unexpected’, and you can ‘irresponsible’. Full, the most famous term because of the Latina women was ‘unplanned pregnancy’. Sandra, a keen 18-yr old solitary Cuban which terminated her pregnancy explained the situation thus:

I might identify it a maternity that happens into the a disease that’s not designed to. Not an unwanted maternity, I suppose it can be an unplanned maternity. I don’t know– it is simply [the] completely wrong go out, [the] wrong place/state. That’s how i carry out determine they.

Perceptions out-of pregnancy believe

Professionals found it unbelievable that women you will efficiently bundle a maternity to help you coincide employing maturity to be a mother or father

I believe oftentimes it simply goes. To the majority of people do dislike in order to acknowledge they, I happened to be a mistake. My personal four to five siblings was basically an error. My personal pregnancy are an error. All three out-of my siblings were a mistake. The individuals I know, it was never ever planned for this to happen, and usually, if it is organized, will not happen, so i envision [pregnancies] tend to be problems, in a way, however, delighted mistakes, for some people, rather than very prepared to anybody else. (Rosa, 18-year-old, Cuban, single, continued maternity)

Specific lady shown that there is zero right time to possess a child. A concept strengthened of the life’s suspicion, that produces becoming prepared for unforeseen facts tough. For example, Tati, a good 23-year-old partnered Dominican who proceeded the girl pregnancy explained the girl experience:

It’s never ever a great time for an infant. I usually share with some one, my friends, we shall get pregnant, and so they always tell me there is never a right time. You might be never ever gonna be financially [capable] fully support one child. You happen to be able if this goes. I feel such as someone exactly who arrangements the pregnancy isn’t believe, given that such as for instance I said you are never ever totally ready.

In the informing of their unintended maternity reports, girls was probed about their entry to birth control. 14 outside of the 20 lady were not using any contraceptive approach plus the leftover half a dozen women who were using contraceptives claimed from time to time forgotten a pill or not having enough tablets. Users have been seeking stop a pregnancy were not averse to contraceptive however, both forgot to hire their contraception means and you can/otherwise did not have a great condom when sex happened.

Multiple people thought that possibly thought a pregnancy does not work for the lady and you will leads to frustration. Like, Stacey, a good twenty-two-year-old single Cuban exactly who went on her maternity mentioned:

‘In my opinion if we prepared [the latest pregnancy], it won’t happen, just like the we may save yourself our anatomies. In my opinion if i had planned on conceiving a child, We never could have received pregnant.’